Alien is a list of reasons why he hated living in Brazil

1. The Brazilians have no regard to people outside of their circle of friends and often are simply rude . For example , a neighbor who plays loud music all night ... And even if you go ask him politely to turn down the volume , he tells it to you " go if fud ** " . And basic education ? A simple " excuse me " when someone bumps into you on the street at all simply does not exist .

2 . Brazilians are aggressive and opportunistic , and usually at the expense of others . It's like a " survival instinct " at high speed all the time . The best example is the public transportation . If they see a way to get past you and jump the queue , they will, even if it means almost kill him , and even if they are not in a hurry . So why do they do it ? Just because they can , because they see the opportunity , why they want to gain an advantage at all. They feel they always need to take whatever they can , whenever possible, regardless of who is harmed as a result .

3 . The Brazilians have no respect for their environment . They dump large loads of garbage anywhere and everywhere , and the trash is unbelievable. The streets are very dirty . The abundant natural resources , as they are, are being wasted at an amazing rate , with little or no recourse.

4 . Brazilian tolerate an incredible amount of corruption in business and government. While all governments are corrupt officials , is more common and rampant in Brazil than in most other countries , and yet the population continues to reelect the same people .

5 . Brazilian women are overly obsessed with their bodies and are very critical ( and competing with ) other .

6 . Brazilians, especially men , are highly prone to extramarital affairs . Unless that man never leave home , the chances that he has a mistress are huge .

7 . Brazilians are very expressive of their negative opinions about other people , with total disregard of the possibility of hurting someone's feelings .

8 . Brazilians, especially the people who perform services are usually sly , lazy and almost always delayed .

9. Brazilians have a system of very prominent classes . The rich have a sense of entitlement that is beyond belief . They think the rules do not apply to them , they are above the system , and are too arrogant and insensitive , especially with the next .

10 . Brazilians constantly interrupt each other to speak. Trying to have a conversation is like a competition to be heard , a shouting match .

11 . Brazilian police is essentially non-existent when it comes to enforcing laws to protect the population as enforcing traffic laws , find and arrest the thieves , etc. . Laws exist , but no one applies , the court system is a joke and there is usually no recourse for the citizen who is robbed , cheated or harmed . People live in fear and build walls around their homes or pay high rates to live in closed communities .

12 . Brazilians make it inconvenient and difficult. Nothing is simplified or designed with customer convenience in mind , and Brazilians have a high tolerance for amazing levels of unnecessary and redundant bureaucracy. Brazilians pay high taxes and import duties that make everything, especially household products , electronics and cars , incredibly expensive . And for entrepreneurs , following the rules and paying all their taxes makes it almost impossible to be profitable . As a result , corruption and bribery in business and government are common .

14. It's hot as hell for nine months of the year , and air conditioning in homes does not exist here because the houses are not built to be hermetically isolated or include air ducts .

15 . The food can be fresher, less processed , and generally healthier than American or European food, but it is bland, repetitive and very inconvenient . Processed , frozen or prepared foods in the supermarket are few, expensive and generally terrible .

16. Brazilians are super social and rarely spend time alone, especially at meals and weekends . This is not necessarily a bad quality , but personally, I hate it because I like my space and privacy , but the cultural expectation is that you will attend ( or worse , invite friends and family ) for each meal and you are criticized for not behave " normally" if you choose to be alone .

17. Brazilians are very close , geographically and emotionally , their families of origin throughout life . As in # 16 , this is not necessarily a bad quality , but personally I hate because it makes me uncomfortable and it affects my marriage . Brazilian adults never " cut the cord " emotional and your family of origin ( especially mothers ) are still engaged in their daily lives , problems , decisions , activities , etc. . As you can imagine , this is a difficult time for the spouse of another culture which generally live in nuclear families and have a different to our families of origin dynamic item.

18 . Electricity and internet services are absurdly expensive and bad .

19. The water quality is questionable . Brazilians drink , but do not die , for sure , but based on the total lack of enforcement of laws and abundance of corruption , I do not trust the government that says it is totally safe and will not harm you in the long term .

20 . And finally , the Brazilian has only one type of beer ( watery ) and it really sucks, and of course , imported beers are extremely expensive .

The gringo forum added these other reviews:

21. Most bus drivers drive like they're trying to break the bus and all within it .
22. Sidewalks in my neighborhood are covered with piss and coconut dogs that bark day and night .
23. Jams Three and a half hours every time it rains .
24. Things are rarely done correctly the first time. You have to go back to the bank , consulate office, send e- mail or call 2-10 times for people to do their work .
25. Very bad air quality . The air often smells like burning plastic .
26. Skip the malls and restaurants are the main activities . There's nothing to do if you do not spend. There is one main park and is horribly crowded.
27. The finish of the houses is bad . Windows , doors , hinges , tubes , electricity , sidewalks , are all built with the least possible effort .
28. Trees , poles , telephones , plants and garbage bins are placed in the center of the sidewalks , making them impassable .
29. You pay triple for products that will break within 1-2 years , perhaps s .
30 . Brazilians love to be well on your way . They do not give you room to move .
31 . The best way to inspire hatred in Brazil ? Politely refuse to eat food offered to you . No matter how valid is your reason , this is considered an unforgivable sin in the eyes of the Brazilians and they will continue aggressively pestering you to eat it .
32. People will push and shove unapologetically you . On public transport you will so tight that you are unable to move anything but his head .
33 . Brazil is a 3rd world country with ridiculously inflated prices for quality items . To get an idea , São Paulo is ranked the 10th most expensive city in the world. ( New York is the 32nd ) .
34. The rampant infidelity. This is not just a stereotype as much as I would like. Men in Brazilian society are conditioned to believe that they are more " manly " for come out with several women .
35 . Zero respect for pedestrians . Yes , they do not stop for you to pass . At best , they will honk .
36 . When sidewalks are under construction is expected that you walk in the street . Some drivers refuse to make the slightest deviation from their presence , accelerating within inches of you, even when the next lane is free.
37 . Do not even think about telling someone when you are traveling to the U.S. . Everyone will ask you to bring iPods , X -Box , laptops , clothes, grocery items , etc. . in your bag , because they are too expensive or not available in Brazil .
38. Unless you really like football or reality shows ( ie Big Brother ) , there is nothing much to talk with the Brazilians in general. You can learn fluent Portuguese , but in the end , the conversation is very limited , very quickly .
39 . Everything is built for cars and drivers , even the cars are 3x the price of any other country . Intercity luxury buses are efficient , but public transportation is inconvenient , expensive and uncomfortable to walk . Consequently , the traffic in São Paulo and Rio is now considered one of the worst of the Earth ( SP possibly the worst ) . Even at noon can have huge traffic jams that makes you impossible to walk even a short distance limited unless you have a motorcycle .
40 . All Brazilian cities (with the exception perhaps of the river and the old district of Pelourinho in Salvador ) , are ugly , filled with concrete, hyper - modern architecture and devoid of trees or charm. Most are dull and completely identical in appearance . Any colonial history and beautiful old mansion is quickly demolished to make way for a parking lot or a shopping mall

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