Plugin espectadores com wall - AMXX

esp 0/1 (on/off) default: 1 -> switch whole plugin on/off
esp_timer x.x default: 0.3 -> all graphics are redrawn every x.x seconds (refreshrate of all graphics) do not set this value <0.1
if you set this lower it is more accurate, but uses more resources
esp_allow_all 0/1 (on/off) default: 0 -> enable for all users (doesnt't check ADMIN_KICK flag) requires mapchange to activate
esp_disable_default_keys 0/1 default: 0 -> if you don't like that you can control the ESP with reload/forward/backward keys you can set this to 1 which disables that functionality
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Agora falta o plugin para jogadores com wall.
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