Server.cfg for Counter-Strike Source

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//WARNING: When updating the below, always make sure you keep the new input INSIDE the quotes!


//The name of your server.
hostname "GuruBR.com"

//Set a join password [All players will need to enter this password to enter your server (a.k.a Private server)].
//Leave this blank to have NO password.
sv_password ""

//Friendly Fire (0=OFF, 1=ON) - Default is OFF.
mp_friendlyfire "0"

//Footsteps (0=OFF, 1=ON) - Default is ON.
mp_footsteps "1"

//Team Balance (0=OFF, 1=ON) - Default is ON.
mp_autoteambalance "1"

//The maximum players one team can have beyond the other team (DEFAULT=2).
mp_limitteams "2"

//Kick idle/team-killing players (0=OFF, 1=ON) - Default is OFF.
mp_autokick "0"

//The ability for players to use the flashlight (0=OFF, 1=ON) - Default is OFF.
mp_flashlight "0"

//Punish TK’ers on next round? (0=OFF, 1=ON) - Default is ON.
mp_tkpunish "1"

//Force dead players to first person mode, effectively disabling freelook (0=OFF, 1=ON) - Default is OFF.
mp_forcecamera "0"

//Allow the server to be paused? (0=OFF, 1=ON) - Default is OFF.
sv_pausable "0"

//Force cleints to pass consistency check for critical files before joining server? (0=OFF, 1=ON) - Default is OFF.
sv_consistency "0"

//Allow cheats on server? (0=OFF, 1=ON) - Default is OFF.
sv_cheats "0"

//Server gravity (Default=800)
sv_gravity "800"

//Allow players to use mic (0=OFF, 1=ON) - Default is ON.
sv_voiceenable "1"

//Allow all players to chat with each other via voice? (0=OFF, 1=ON) - Default is OFF.
sv_alltalk "0"

//Voice Codec - Specifies which voice codec DLL to use in a game. Set to the name of the DLL without the extension.
//WARNING: We do not reccomend changing this option!
sv_voicecodec "vaudio_speex"

//Allow clients to upload their custom decals to the server (0=OFF, 1=ON) - Default is ON.
sv_allowupload "1"

//Allow clients to downnload files (0=OFF, 1=ON) - Default is ON.
sv_allowdownload "1"

//Maximum speed a player can move. (DEFAULT=320)
sv_maxspeed "320"

//How many hostages a Terrorist can kill before being kicked, 0 to disable (DEFAULT=5)
mp_hostagepenalty "5"

//Allow spectators on the server (0=OFF, 1=ON) - Default is ON.
mp_allowspectators "1"

//The amount of time after the map ends that players can chat before map round/map rotation (DEFAULT=10).
mp_chattime "10"

//After this many seconds without a message from a client, the client is dropped (DEFAULT=65).
sv_timeout "65"

//Amount of time in seconds a player can spray their decal (DEFAULT=10).
decalfrequency "10"

//Controls what information player will see in the status bar (0=All Names, 1=Team Names, 2=No Names)
mp_playerid "0"


//Buy time in minutes (DEFAULT=1.5).
mp_buytime "1.5"

//C4 timer in seconds (DERFAULT=45).
mp_c4timer "45"

//Frag Limit (The number of kills at which the map ends) [DEFAULT=0].
mp_fraglimit "0"

//How many seconds to keep players frozen when the round starts? (DEFAULT=6)
mp_freezetime "6"

//Max number of rounds to play before the server changes maps? (DEFAULT=0)
mp_maxrounds "0"

//How many minutes each round takes? (DEFAULT=5)
mp_roundtime "5"

//Amount of money each player get when they reset. (DEFAULT=800)
mp_startmoney "800"

//Max score one team can reach before server changes maps (DEFAULT=0)
mp_winlimit "0"


//This sets the RCON password for your server (Remote admin abilities).
rcon_password "YOURPASSWORD"

//Advanced RCON protection
sv_rcon_banpenalty 10
sv_rcon_maxfailures 3
sv_rcon_minfailures 3
sv_rcon_minfailuretime 30


//Here you set the geographic location of your server to assist the server broswer.
sv_region "-1"

//You can use ANY of the following options:
//-1 World
//0 US East coast
//1 US West coast
//2 South America
//3 Europe
//4 Asia
//5 Australia
//6 Middle East
//7 Africa


//Min bandwidth rate allowed on server (DEFAULT=3500, 0=unlimited).
sv_minrate "3500"

//Max bandwidth rate allowed on server (DEFAULT=0, 0=unlimited).
sv_maxrate "0"

//Maximum updates per second that the server will allow (DEFAULT=66).
sv_maxupdaterate "66"

//Minimum updates per second that the server will allow (DEFAULT=10).
sv_minupdaterate "10"


//This is where you setup for your server to redirect players to download MODs/MAPS/ETC. from a web server instead
//of using the in-game download engine (MUCH MUCH FASTER!)

sv_downloadurl ""

//You may your FREE web hosting account as your redirect server or you may use any HTTP host.
//Gamers Life Line provides a free public redirect server as an alternate option, see BELOW link:


//Enable server logging? (0=OFF, 1=ON) - Default is OFF.
log "0"

//Log server bans in the server logs (0=OFF, 1=ON) - Default is OFF.
sv_logbans "0"

//Echo log information to the console (0=OFF, 1=ON) - Default is ON.
sv_logecho "1"

//Log server information in the log file (0=OFF, 1=ON) - Default is ON.
sv_logfile "1"

//Log server information to only one file (0=OFF, 1=ON) - Default is OFF.
sv_log_onefile "0"

//Folder in the game directory where server logs will be stored.


//Control how bots talk. Allowed values: ‘off’, ‘radio’, ‘minimal’, or ‘normal’.
bot_chatter "normal"

//Set to 0 to let bots complete map objectives. 0/1
bot_defer_to_human "0"

//0 is Easy, 1 is Normal, 2 is Hard, & 3 is Expert.
bot_difficulty "2"

//Bots wait for a human to join before joining. 0/1
bot_join_after_player "0"

//Add bot(s) to a specific team. any/CT/T or Adds a bot to whichever team has fewer players.

//Defines a Prefix for all bot’s names.
bot_prefix "HYP :: "

//Reports on the bots’ memory usage

//Restricts the bots to particular weapons

//Weapon Control. 0/1
bot_allow_grenades "1"
bot_allow_machine_guns "1"
bot_allow_pistols "1"
bot_allow_rifles "1"
bot_allow_shotguns "1"
bot_allow_snipers "1"
bot_allow_sub_machine_guns "1"

//Bots with high co-op may automatically follow a nearby human player. 0/1
bot_auto_follow "0"

//Bots will not buy if their money falls below this amount (Default=2000).
bot_eco_limit "800"

//Bots may occasionally go ‘rogue’.
//Rogue bots do not obey radio commands, nor pursue scenario goals. 0/1
bot_allow_rogues "1"

//Determines the type of quota. Allowed values: ‘normal’ and ‘fill’.
//If ‘fill’, the server will adjust bots to keep N players in the game, where N is bot_quota.
bot_quota_mode "fill"

//Bots will automatically leave to make room for human players. 0/1
bot_auto_vacate "1"

//How many bots would you like to have on your server? (MAX=6)
bot_quota "0"


//The following command enables SourceTV (0=OFF, 1=ON) - Default is OFF.
tv_enable "0"

//Sets the port on which your SourceTV will run on.
tv_port "27020"

//Set the name of your SourceTV.
tv_name "Your name"

//Max people who can connect to your SourceTV server (DEFAULT=10, MAX=50).
tv_maxclients "10"

//Set the password on your SourceTV.
tv_password "YourPassword"

//This auto records a demo with the file name of map/date/time.dem
tv_autorecord "0"
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