XBOX ONE - game glitches halfway through load


my husband and I play together (seperate Xbones) and today he went to play to gather for cementing paste but his whole game has buggered.. the screen often looks glitchy like someone has hit our tv, it loads our island but half way though loading it gets to the message on bottom left that says truesky or simplesky, the music freezes and makes a weird robotic noise then the game crashes to Xbox home.. he doesn’t have any dlc and our last update was for the dlc release.. myself and our kids can play fine but my husband on our conjoined game can’t.. we are so bummed, we have put on hours of work and now we can’t play.. we don’t want to delete our game if we don’t have too.. does anyone have any ideas on how to fix it? Is anyone else experiencing the same problem?

Please help.

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